Student Responsibilities

At Norbridge, we encourage pupils to take on different roles and responsibilities within the academy:

Team ChampionsOur Team Champions are a group of Year 6 pupils, who have been elected by children in school. There are eight Team Champions and they represent the four school teams. They represent the school, deliver assemblies, help with school events and run the House Point Hub.
School Council RepresentativesThere are two School Council representatives per class. These are pupils who represent the school and help look after our academy. They share school updates with the rest of their class and they feedback pupil voice. School Council representatives work with school leaders and support in making decisions.
Reading AmbassadorsOur Reading Ambassadors are a group of Key Stage 2 pupils, who are responsible for looking after the Reading Den, Reading Shed and the library. They also spend time reading to our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 classes during our ‘Story Time, Lights Down’ sessions every Friday.
Mental Health AmbassadorsOur Mental Health Ambassadors are a group of pupils who applied to actively support the well-being of other pupils. They work alongside our Lead Thrive Practitioner and deliver a range of nurturing activities to groups of pupils at lunchtimes.
Sports LeadersIn Year 6, pupils complete their Sports Leaders unit. They examine what makes a good leader and how to deliver sports games to others. Some of these pupils go on to deliver sports games at lunchtimes and help out at different sporting events, including our annual Sports Day.
Reading BuddiesPupils in Year 5 have the responsibility of reading with our Year 2 pupils every week. Our reading buddies model good reading and promote an enjoyment of reading to their peers.
Eco WarriorsThere are two Eco-Warriors per class, and they have the responsibility of looking after our school environment. They litter-pick around the school and encourage their classes to recycle. They also promote campaigns across school, such as Switch-Off Fortnight.
Class AdvocatesClass Advocates are the ‘flag bearers’ for our school. They are a group of 8 pupils, who are able to talk about our curriculum and our core values.

Reading Ambassadors 2023/24

Mental Health Ambassadors 2023/24

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Eco-Warriors 2023/24

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Eco Schools Programme

The Eco-Schools programme provides a simple, seven-step framework that empowers young people to make a difference in their school, local community and beyond. Schools connect their activities to three or more of the Ten Eco-Schools Topics. These topics break large, global issues like climate change into more manageable and directed themes that prompt young people to consider environmental changes that they can make in their school and everyday lives.

We are currently working toward the Green Flag Award and have finished the whole school audit and action plan. Take a look at some of the topics our children have been looking at across the school community.

To find out more about the Eco Schools Programme, please visit Home – Eco Schools (

Our children enjoy litter picking around the school to help keep the outdoor areas clean, tidy and free from rubbish.

RSPB – Big Garden Birdwatch

The eco-warriors have turned into habitat explorers and have been making seed cakes to entice different varieties of birds into the school outdoor areas.

Eco-Code Home-Learning