Trust Promise

Our Promise:

To ensure that young people are confident, employable and have the knowledge and skills to challenge received wisdom.

We will ensure children enjoy a curriculum and range of experiences that develops their aspirations, confidence, and independence.  Enabling them to become active members of society with the skills confidence, knowledge and experience to actively engage in social debate and discussion.

How we will achieve this:

Deliver a wide and varied curriculum experience that engages pupils and students, supporting their gregarious and inquisitive interests.  Ensuring that all children are provided access to a broad range of experiences and opportunities designed to develop character and resilience.
Deliver a broad and balanced PSHE curriculum that promotes, empathy, compassion, and understanding.  Promote British values by active engagement.  Moreover, develop a programme that gives pupils and students the scientific evaluative skills, confidence, knowledge and understanding, to engage in discourse and debate with those in authority.
Establish good manners, reliability and punctuality. Underpin this in the first instance by a robust behaviour support and guidance system that also rewards those who succeed or improve.