CIA: Community In Action

Our Norbridge ‘Community In Action’ group will be a place for parents, families and staff to come together to build strong working relationships between home and school. Our mission is to make the school a better place for children to learn and to create a school community hub for all our families.

We are looking for families and parents who may be interested in working alongside teachers and staff to undertake fundraising and community activities.  We will meet at regular monthly meetings, sharing our ideas for the wider school community and together we can plan future events.

Come along and share your ideas to help create fun, new and exciting experiences for our children here at Norbridge.

Your Norbridge C.I.A representatives are:

                       Mrs Nicola Pressley        Mrs Val Prince      Mrs Sara Williams

Reasons to join the Norbridge C.I.A?

Children’s Benefit: Research shows that participating in your child’s school and showing engagement can help them perform better academically.

School Benefits: The C.I.A would create support for the school and staff, which in turn creates a positive atmosphere in the school.

Make Connections: Build on positive relationships with the teachers and staff and meet other parents and families of the school community. This can lead to a supportive parent network, which can lead into making life-long friends.

Benefits for You: Socialising with other parents and volunteering with school community activities and events will be fun, healthy and rewarding, promoting your own wellbeing.

For more information, please contact us at: